Anti Terrorist Driver Training Course Sandown, VIC

 Anti Terrorist Driver Training Course Sandown, VIC
Da AUD A$ 23.520,00
  • Durata: 7 Ore (circa)
  • Luogo: Springvale, VICTORIA
  • Codice prodotto: ATDTCS

The four day training program format is as follows.. Day 1.  Defensive Driving Course including Gravel Road Component.   Day 2.  Advanced Vehicle Control Skills Course including power oversteer and use of our             Split Surface System which simulates driving on ice.  Day 3.  Escape and evasion techniques including handbrake turns, reverse throws, fast getaways. Day 4.  Vehicle Contacts and Ramming techniques and Pit Manoeuvre.  

Note the times for each day are 8.30am until 4.00pm.  Driver Dynamics will supply all training equipment including.. *Handbrake turn cars fitted with hydraulic handbrake (3XMini Coopers) * Split Surface System *Water Tanker and Service Truck *Three current model large sedans (Ford Falcons automatic transmission),     Three Mini Coopers (manual transmission) *Two crash cars for ramming and Pit Manoeuvre  *Crash Helmets *Exclusive venue hire and public liability insurance. *2x Advanced Driving Instructors. *Lunches, morning tea,  tea / coffee / soft drinks for 4 days